Keep your residential complex safe, clean and in perfect condition inside and out with Dexa Group’s integrated services.

Residential buildings are shared by many different people and families, wanting and deserving a safe, clean and perfectly functional home. Trust Dexa to provide you with a clean and safe living environment through the provision of our transparent solutions and qualified, trained personnel.

Regardless of whether you need cleaning, security or a total integrated solution, Dexa will appoint a single point of contact to manage and measure the effectiveness of your solution.

Dexa can provide one or all of these services to the residential sector across Australia:

Residential Security Services

Your property and home owners will enjoy feeling safe thanks to our inspired, qualified and highly professional security guards. We can provide Security Managers, Patrol and Roving Officers, Car Park Management, Control Room and CCTV Operators.
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Residential Cleaning Services

The motivated and professional Dexa personnel we’re known for, teamed with the leading environmentally safe cleaning products. Trust Dexa with your property’s general or specialised cleaning services including deep cleaning for the reduction of onsite bacterial or viral transmission. We can maintain the cleanliness of your building inside and out – without the disruption of residents.
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Residential Maintenance Services

Trust Dexa with your building maintenance requirements for great outcomes and no risk to residents or their visitors. Dexa can provide fire, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other general building maintenance services.
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Dexa’s SHIELD Methodology

The SHIELD methodology provides a recruitment, training and development framework for all Dexa personnel. It ensures only motivated staff are recruited, and that all are rigorously equipped to undertake the work required in a professional and reliable way.

This SHIELD is shared with you for full transparency and so that you always feel in control of the people you’re trusting with your property.

Work with a partner you can trust with your property, people and reputation. Contact us now to explore a transparent, effective and measurable integrated solution for your business.

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