Dexa Group invests heavily in people, systems and technology to deliver outstanding solutions and an unrivalled customer experience. Here’s our service approach.

We listen intently

We listen carefully to your brief and work with you to ensure all your requirements are uncovered. Your solution is built from the ground up by a senior member of our team who is highly experienced and qualified in security and maintenance. This is then peer reviewed against your brief to ensure your objectives are met and that the solution is thorough and 100% compliant.

Fully integrated for a streamlined experience

With capabilities over a wide range of fields, Dexa can deliver multiple services across Australia so you can enjoy a streamlined experience and maximise efficiencies.

Agile, reliable service specific to every client

Every business faces their own unique challenges and risks. As your service partner, we provide tailored solutions which can be continually updated to suit your evolving needs and environment.

A diverse mix of qualified and motivated professionals

Your integrated solution will be delivered by a mix of passionate, empowered personnel that have been rigorously prepared by us, carefully chosen by you. We use our SHIELD methodology to ensure only the best personnel protect and represent your business. Personnel can, upon request, wear your branded uniforms and are so well trained in customer service they will be an authentic ambassador of your brand.

A single point of contact

An integrated solution with a number of services, but a single point of contact for you to deal with. Your account manager will know your business, requirements and full team of Dexa personnel inside and out.

They are responsible for welfare management of your team, monitoring performance, maintaining our stringent Safety Management System, resolving issues without delay, reporting to you frequently and transparently and assisting you wherever you may need additional support.

Demonstrable Care & Compliance

We take great pride in delivering what we promise, transparently and consistently. In doing so, we ensure true value through quality management, responsibility and accountability. Our commitment to strong governance and complete compliance ensures an enhanced client experience. Our measurement and reporting systems and processes ensure you can see and track exactly how we are performing.

Dexa TIMELISTE: Proprietary workforce & welfare management

Timeliste is an innovative and properietary central system that allows operations, account and on site staff to effectively collaborate around the multiple functions we deliver. It is also the basis on which we monitor, manage and report all elements of your Dexa solution.

Timeliste is a single view of all service requirements including rostering, billing, employee clock on / off, roster confirmation, incident reporting, job ticketing, compliance and shift, welfare and other communications through push notification. Every detail relating to your integrated service and personnel, in one place.

Work with a partner you can trust with your property, people and reputation. Contact us now to explore a transparent, effective and measurable integrated solution for your business.

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